Russian language lessons for foreigners Online

We offer you Russian lessons online via Skype with a teacher. The computer with Internet connection will enable you to take Russian lessons without having to go out! The virtual reality of Internet high-tech possibilities will great the atmosphere of having the lessons in your home or office with a qualified teacher. You can learn Russian at home from any part of the world.

You will be taught by qualified teachers. The worksheets and learning materials will be sent to you before each lesson absolutely for free.

What we offer:

All levels of Russian

• the basic level (is needed to get the Russian citizenship);
• pre-intermediate (is needed to enter a Russian university);
• intermediate;
• upper intermediate;
• advanced.

Social Russian or spoken Russian

This course is intended for a very wide audience. It will help people with little or no knowledge of Russian to become proficient quickly. The general Russian language course is designed to teach you conversational, day-to-day Russian. You will be able to socialize, read books and newspapers in Russian, watch TV and movies. The advanced level program includes reading original Russian literature, newspapers and magazines.

This course covers essential aspects of everyday life, such as meeting people, getting around the city, shopping, etc. Our tutors will not only familiarize you with background knowledge on etiquette and Russian traditions, but will teach you how to put your cultural knowledge to use.

Business Russian

This course is designed for business professionals who feel that lack of Russian is affecting their business and quality of life in Russia. This course provides a better insight into the country's economy and enables students to fuel their Russian partner's interest in their business.

During the course you learn how to use Russian in different business situations as well as how to develop your grammatical competence and conversational skills.

The program focuses on the language skills business professionals need to excel in today's marketplace. The modules include:
• human resource skills;
• social and Communication skills for business;
• effective letters and memo-writing;
• promotional writing and public relations;
• professional PowerPoint presentations through case studies;
• short report and proposal writing;
• meetings, teamwork and negotiations;
• language of customer service encounters.

Our advantages:

• Our teachers are highly qualified and posses good knowledge of at least one foreign language (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabian and so on).
• You save your time: learning Russian at home or at your office, you do not have to waste your time for your way to a language course or stay with your car in a "jam".
• You save your money: You do not have to buy a bus or subway ticket and the lesson with us will be cheaper as the one in a course or with a tutor.• You are taught by qualified teachers.
• SKYPE saves all your notes and you can easily go back to the expressions, words and grammar structures you have learnt.• You do not have to buy books or learning materials, they will be sent to you by our teachers for free.
• We offer you the first lesson for free.
• You can plan your schedule as you like.

You can order the first free lesson here.